Our Philosophy

Physical + Cognitive = Creative

 Our workshops integrate and explore our physical, cognitive, and creative selves.  This exploration cultivates self-awareness, empathy, and courage. These qualities are a foundation upon which to create and sustain a resilient and interdependent community. 


The Laboratory supports systems as well as people. The component parts are curated to adapt to your communities unique needs. From the macro to the micro, we will work with you to optimize your time in the Laboratory and support the change you wish to see.


Just below are sample workshops and possible component parts:

Self-Care for Teachers

  • A 12 week wellness program created to support teachers and provide them the tools and skills to continue to show up for our kids.

Leaders Lab

  • A 12 week wholistic ​exploration of the mindful leader that builds confidence, creativity, and collaboration.

Culture Lab

  • A multisystems approach to intentional culture shift that supports the growth and sustainability of your organization. This lab requires a longer commitment.

Mindfulness in the Classroom

  • A 12 week trauma-informed program designed to support social emotional learning​ and resiliency in students.

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  • Yoga

  • Zumba

  • Myofascial Release

  • Nutrition

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  • Meditation

  • The Brain and Neuroplasticity

  • Mental Wellness

  • Relaxation Techniques

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  • The Creative Process

  • Collaborative Composition

  • Storytelling

  • Drawing